Magic Truffles Ceremonies dates for 2023

New dates! Sundays ’23, 10:30-16:00 Slotermeer in Amsterdam:

Reconnect with yourself on a deeper level and break old habits. Find your inner peace and expand your mind. Find more joy & love with magic.

Unique and beautiful location within Sloterplas Park, situated alongside the water on a peaceful island off the main park area. It has everything you need to feel safe and dive deep on a journey within yourself without a need of going outside of the city.

Join me and my friend Alice in the ceremony and fill up the intake form.
(Read more about Alice below)

Participating in the magic truffles ceremony is a big decision and can come with lots of questions and doubts. That’s why it’s so important to take your time before and fill out the questionnaire with no rush.

Before your participation is confirmed please fill out the intake form.
After verifying the information I will be able to confirm or kindly deny participation.
The intake form is a very important step in joining the ceremony so please take your time to fill it in.

After receiving your information you will be contacted via email to schedule an intake-guidance call to finalize your participation.

Intake-guidance call helps all of us to get to know each other.
During that call you can ask all the questions you might have. You will be introduced to how the process will go and what to expect.
It’s important to understand what your intentions and your needs are for the ceremony.


Group ceremony: € 255
Are you with a low income or in a difficult financial situation? I am offering a payment in 2 installments. Contact me for more information.

Would you like to have this experience by yourself, with your partner or in a private group of friends and close ones?

The ceremony location will be agreed upon during our intake call. Private ceremonies up to 4 people are guided by myself only.

1 person: € 450
2 persons: € 299 pp.
3 persons: € 270 pp.
4 persons: € 250 pp.
5+ persons: on request

Prices excl. BTW

Please read about the cancellation policy here.

About Alice

🌿 Alice is a Shamanic Guide, a Tarot Priestess and Medicine Woman of Heart & Soul. She is the creator of Earth Soul Truth, a portal for conscious beings to open the path to their highest alignment. Through private 1-1 transformative journeys, ceremonial work (with and without plants), and shamanic tarot sessions, she guides conscious beings into alignment with their inner truth so that they can actually start living it!. With 10+ years of service in light work and through her personal journey, she trusts deeply in the wisdom and courage in our hearts, and truly believes that by awakening and activating this potent channel within us, we will be able to create a magical reality for ourselves that feels, nourished, inspired & ecstatically empowered.
IG: @aliceming.earthsoultruth