Sound Baths

Close your eyes, take deep, slow breaths
and just be present.

I treat sound sessions as sound ceremonies. To me it’s about a unique experience where you are guided by the sound, their vibrations and frequencies. I combine my range of instruments with my voice through singing and chanting.

My sessions made with the intentions can bring peace, reduce stress, help you dive into your creativity, ground, relax, balance and bring well-being to the body and mind.

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“Chakra singing workshops touched me very deeply. I felt that singing together with Agata’s voice is reaching my deep layers. Great importance is Agata’s voice, her intentions and the way she runs the workshop and the way she plays the instruments. However in my opinion it’s Agata’s voice that has the greatest power. It’s so clear intention-wise and powerful at the same time.”

Owner of an alternative school / Szkoła Łobuziaki

“I felt very relaxed, it was a great session.”


“Soul soothing. Plus Agata’s personality is vibrating. It was bombastic!”

Ewelina P.

“I am suffering from insomnia. During the sound healing session I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep and slept the whole night through. Agata’s voice is beautiful.”


“I am so grateful to Agata. During her sound healing session I was escorted to the brain spa. She massaged my vibrating elements. Thank you very much!”

Magda J.

“Peacefulness and relief. Great session, beautiful sounds”

Aleksandra M.
IT Manager

“I am very grateful to Agata. My headache was gone after her session. It was a perfect combination with the ayurvedic detox I have been going through at that time.”

Katarzyna U.
Architect Designer

“Sound bath session was just the right thing I needed that day. I was all day running and by the end of it I was just dreaming of getting back home. What a relax, it was amazing. I don’t feel sleepy but rather light and clear in my head.”

Monika W.
Dietician, Biochemist, Psychodietician / Dietetyka Biochemika

“It was fantastic! I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I’ve got so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. It was like balancing on the edge because I could hear the sounds but my brain was cut off.”

Anna T.