Magic Truffles (Psilocybin) Ceremony

Sacred truffles and mushrooms have been used worldwide in shamanic rituals for centuries. They have been known in the western world for several decades.

These truffles & mushrooms can mean a lot to people who suffer from fears, stress, burnout, sadness, negative self-image, addiction and depression.
The power of psilocybin gives deep insights into yourself and into life. It reveals where your blockages lie and what you can work on.


The ceremony is guided by live music alternating with moments of silence. Music is one of the best guides along the journey as well as my own personal medicine and language. It is the most direct and caring way for me to reach you during the ceremony, to understand your process and to help you gain insights.

Your group will be small, consisting of 4-8 participants to help keep your journey intimate and private.

We start the ritual by gathering in a circle so all participants can get familiar with the space and the rest of the group. I will invite you to share your intentions and expectations for the ceremony.

After this, truffles will be served and the sacred journey starts. It usually takes between 10-40 minutes to enter the process. While you start your journey in in your own safe space, I will start the guidance with music and an opening song.

Around 4 hours later, when you will be returning from your exploration, I will welcome you again with a herbal tea and healthy snacks.

We will finish our journey by gathering once more in a circle, to share and integrate our experiences.


The ceremony will take place in a location in Amsterdam or nearby.
Full details will be disclosed after sign up. Sessions will be held in English.


Before your participation is confirmed please fill out the intake form.
After verifying the information I will be able to confirm or kindly deny participation.
The intake form is a very important step in joining the ceremony so please take your time to fill it in.

Check here for more details on upcoming group sessions.


Group ceremony: a sliding scale between € 199 pp. up to € 255 (you choose the amount that is best suited to you)

Private ceremony (~5h)
Would you like to share this experience with your partner or in a private group of friends and close ones?

1 person: € 420
2 persons: € 295 pp.
3 persons: € 260 pp.
4 persons: € 220 pp.
5+ persons: on request

Prices excl. BTW

Please read about the cancellation policy here.