Testimonial massage #1

“I’ve been going to Agata for the past 6 months for regular massages and for a sound healing session. Our first session started with an energy reading to determine my energy composition. I’ve never had an energy reading before and I was impressed with how much I recognized myself with Agata’s reading as she describes my compositions. I appreciated that Agata was extremely patient while answering all of my questions and determining what the best massage type would work for me. 

The massage was nurturing, relaxing, and healing. For the first time taking a massage, I didn’t feel pressured about the time limitations or was concerned with what I needed to do next. I believe that the atmosphere in the massage room allowed me to relax and enjoy being in the moment. The sound healing session was transformative. It felt as if I was outside on a private beach, listening to the waves and I could relax completely. I noticed the effects right away as I felt re-energized and calm for the rest of the day.

Agata is a very good professional and you feel in good hands right away. I would personally recommend having the massage and the sound healing session combination together as you will notice the changes right away! “