Testimonial massage #16

“I went to Agata for an Ayurvedic massage and she made it such a lovely and relaxing experience. Her work space was beautiful and peaceful and made me feel instantly relaxed. She took a lot of care in the massage, making sure I felt very comfortable, and used her intuition to make this a very nice experience. Thank you Agata!”

Testimonial massage #15

“I have had the pleasure to experience a 1 hour full body massage with Agata. The appointment was extremely relaxing and professional. Even though for that type of massage I had to be just with my underwear Agata made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Hot oil, music and amazing hands made me feel like I have never felt before. That unforgettable experience had only one downside…. it wasn’t long enough 😉

I would recommend Agata Wholistic Touch to everyone who needs to get good massage for body and soul. Thank you Agata”

Testimonial massage #14

“I have had an amazing Ayurvedic massage by Agata! I am looking forward to experiencing more holistic touches from her! 🙂”

Testimonial massage #13

“The massage was as always a wonderful holistic experience. Together with my husband almost everyday we massage our sons before going to sleep and one time I used your technique with lifting fingers and after if I wouldn’t do it again he would demand me to do it. So Agata is also enriching our family life:)”

Testimonial massage #12

“I went to Agata for an Ayurvedic massage and healing. She has an incredible energy that is so calming and grounding. She pays extreme attention to detail, and goes above and beyond to ensure she gives you a tailored treatment. I can highly recommend this magical experience!”

Testimonial massage #11

“I’ve been to Agata wholistic touch a few times already and I loved every minute of it! Agata is very attentive and tailored the experience to my needs. She is very knowledgeable and happy to explain to you what everything means (pressure points, what dosha you are, healing practices etc). 

We started off with an intake appointment which I really enjoyed and gave us an idea of what I needed the most. She also asked my input on what part of my body I struggle with the most and wanted to work on. Both massages sent me in a state of full relaxation (I’m pretty sure I fell asleep both times!). After, I was very relaxed yet at the same time felt recharged and full of energy. Agata made me feel welcomed, very comfortable & safe and I will definitely visit her regularly. 

Ps highly recommend the sound bath experience! It’s magical ❤️”

Testimonial massage #10

“I went for a body massage and an eye treatment (Netra Basti). Agata was very professional and explained everything step by step. This was especially important during eye treatment. I also had the pleasure of experiencing a sound bath, which Agata made beautifully.

I heartily recommend contacting Agata and her skills.”

Testimonial massage #8

“A wonderful massage with beautiful sounds, soothing relaxation. I heartily recommend it!”

Testimonial massage #7

“I heartily recommend Agata! I had the opportunity to experience an hour-long full body massage and I must admit that I left very relaxed and rested 🙂. A very professional approach, great commitment, peace and unique atmosphere – it is appreciated! My body wants more 🙂”