Special Edition: New Moon Sound Bath with Cello and Crystal Bowls, Friday 7th of June, Amsterdam West


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New Moon Sound Bath with Cello and Crystal Bowls
Friday 7th of June, 20:00-21:30,
Amsterdam West
*with a special guest Jelte van Andel

Sound journey where you can fully immerse into the vibrations of music at the Friday evening.



After our initial session with Jelte sold out within two weeks, we’re excited to invite you to join us for another journey in a larger space boasting stunning acoustics, allowing for even more participants.

In this event, you will be treated to a unique blend of the ethereal sounds of crystal singing bowls and the rich, emotive tones of the cello. The crystal singing bowls, known for their pure, resonant tones, would be played alongside the cello, creating a mesmerizing auditory experience that combines the purity of crystal sound with the warmth and depth of the cello’s timbre.

For this event I invited my friend, Jelte van Andel whose music touched me deeply. It is my true pleasure to share this musical journey with him where I am sure, together we will take you far away to discover new places.

You can expect to be enveloped in a soundscape that is both soothing and uplifting, as the harmonious interplay between the crystal bowls and cello evokes feelings of tranquility, introspection, and emotional resonance. This event is particularly well-suited for those seeking relaxation, stress relief, or simply a moment of musical beauty and contemplation.

This is a perfect way for an overworked body and busy mind to slow down and be at peace.
After this session you will leave more serene with a deeper understanding of yourself and be more in touch with your surroundings.

For some of the participants it feels like a big weight is taken off their shoulders or the feeling of having been put back into one piece. Some felt the vibrations reached deep inside their body helping to release tension. I have received feedback from the previous groups that it helped them with their clenched jaw, upset stomach, sleeping difficulties and in general it has been described as a very grounding experience.



Sound healing and Sound baths in groups can enable and guide us into a deep trance moment of being. Much akin to lucid dreaming, it is a very present state a right here and now, moving between being firmly grounded yet travelling through the ether like substance of our subconscious. We ourselves as well as everything around us, is at its core in constant vibration.
Sound journeys encourage an alignment of these vibrations through self-resonance. It is a re-tuning of our body on a molecular level. Much like waves travelling in a pond of water, sound waves are not only perceived on an auditory level by bringing our ear drums into motion; clear and rhythm frequency modulations encouraged by a medium largely based on water (our bodies) are also perceived on a more subtle level. They reach deep inside moving us on an atomic level.
This self-resonance balances our bodies to a natural level, enabling deep states of trance like meditation . They re-tune our own most beautiful instrument, our bodies and minds. They can shake und unblock energetic flows, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves, our ambitions and freeing emotions hidden away in our subconscious.
Sound healing, wave by wave brings us closer to that state of calmness and feeling of completeness that every human longs for in their journey of life. One of the big advantages of the session is unlocking a creativity.
I treat sound sessions as sound ceremonies. To me it’s about a unique experience where you are guided by the sound, their vibrations and frequencies. I combine my range of instruments with my voice through singing and chanting.
During this session, together with intuitive singing, instruments such as quartz crystal singing bowls, chimes, ocean drum, Shruti box and gong will be played around the body. Vocal exercises will show you the healing power of your own voice.

Benefits of Sound Therapy:

  • Calms the nervous system,
  • Activates self healing within the body,
  • Reduces stress,
  • Promotes a deeper sleep,
  • Breaks down emotional and physical blockages,
  • Provides a deep state of relaxation,
  • Unlocks creativity,
  • Boosts immunity,
  • Reduces pain (endorphins release),
  • Relieves or lessens anxiety and depression.
    This workshop is for everyone, no meditation experience necessary.

About Agata:
Agata is a Sound therapist, Medicine Woman, Ayurvedic massage therapist & Ayurvedic therapist. She is a founder of Agata Wholistic Touch. She was in a 3,5 year training under 2 shamans who help her to expand working with a music as a medicine. She works with voice, body & sound, offering reconnecting with your voice workshops, sound bath sessions and ceremonies (cacao, sacred tobacco rapé and magic truffles) to the groups, 1-1 and companies. “In my soul I have always been a musician and an artist. Music has been in my life ever since I remember. This is my second skin that I breathe and dream. It is my personal language and my medicine. Thanks to my shaman teachers from Portugal I have learned over these years how to guide others and help them to connect to their inner selves through music.”
Learn more and connect with Agata on Instagram @agata.wholistic.touch or at www.agata-wholistic-touch.com .
Listen to her Wholistic Touch Podcast available on majority of streaming platforms
About Jelte:
Jelte van Andel studied classical Double Bass at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague. After his studies he picked up his first instrument, the cello again. He plays both instruments in various settings, ranging from contemporary chamber music to indie pop, free improvisation to baroque, balkan-swing to minimal music.
Jelte also works as a composer, performer, director and dramaturg of music-theatre and dance-performances. In this field he collaborated with Boukje Schweigman, the Peergroup, and Tg Knars.
In his own music, where improvising, Jelte is fascinated by all the sound qualities of a bowed instrument that cannot be notated. Within this practice he finds inspiration that compares to listening to nature, the rumor of a city or the chatter of a crowd. With the pleasant possibility though to stumble over music, to float into a melody when it arises.