Blended & Step Family Support Circle

A space for everyone who is trying to adjust to the reality of mixed family environment.

Are you or your spouse facing challenges coming with your (fairly) new family situation? Are you a step-parent, a parent with the child in a relationship?

A blended family, also known as a stepfamily, is a family formed when two people come together and bring a child or children from previous relationships. When a blended family is formed, your children might be of the same age group or have major age differences, and you might also have a child together.

As an adult, when you first re-partner, your relationship with your child’s other parent can go through a tricky time because they might be feeling angry, insecure, upset or worried about the change. You might need to adjust your co-parenting agreement to fit with your new family arrangements.

Do you feel sometimes like creating a new family together is hard and requires a lot of work? Does it overwhelm you at times?

Do you need to get something out of your chest and talk to other parents who are facing similar challenges?

You are in the right space! Blended & Step Family Support Circle is a space for everyone who is trying to adjust to the reality of mixed family environment.

This circle is there for people who are having a hard time and want better. It is meant for those who would like to exchange their experiences and meet others who are facing similar challenges.

This is the space where we create a community and support each other through these times.

For this session we will have a special guest, Robin Roberts, a therapist who will support us during the meeting (read more about Robin at the bottom of this page).

One of the most common challenges you might be facing your step/blended family situation:

  • child and new partner don’t get along
  • problem with ex-partner (using your child as a tool for a revenge, turning your child against your current partner, etc.)
  • child withdrawal, change of behavior
  • jealousy of new spouse / or the child
  • problems with step siblings
  • boundaries with kids and/or ex partner
  • who does what now (roles in the family)
  • ex partner is blocking access to our kid
  • bad relationship with ex partner
  • and many more!
  • Blended families and stepfamilies come in various shapes and sizes.
  • Blended families can mean new and rich relationships.
  • Blended families can have challenges as you establish new relationships, rules and boundaries.

It takes time to get used to living in a blended family. The early years in blended families are about getting used to the new family and building family relationships.

It can also take time to establish your blended family’s boundaries and rules. This can be because the families coming together have different family rules and because everyone is still getting to know each other.


About Agata:

Agata is working hard on creating a healthy step family together with her husband Bastian for over 6 years. A step mom of a 12 year old Amélie.

Apart from that Agata is a Sound therapist, Medicine Woman, Ayurvedic massage therapist & Ayurvedic therapist. She is a founder of Agata Wholistic Touch.

Learn more and connect with Agata on Instagram @agata.wholistic.touch or at or find her on streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Tidel, Google play, Amazon, Juno).

Robin Roberts is an expat American therapist residing in Amsterdam, previously living in the United States. She has a generalized psychology practice and work with individuals, families, children, couples and groups. She has a bachelors degree in psychology from University of Massachusetts and a masters degree in social work from University of Rhode Island. She is a licensed clinical social worker with more than two decades of experience.

Over the last two decades, she has provided various types of counseling and therapeutic services to various age groups for a variety of issues. Another form of therapy offered by Robin is Sound Healing.
Read more about Robin on her website