Ayurvedic oils

For the treatments I only use natural and edible products.

They contain numerous microelements, have medicinal properties and give a great cosmetic effect.

Traditionally prepared oils and herbal compositions are selected according to the psychophysical type of man (dosha). Thanks to this these preparations do not clog pores, but cleanse and elasticize the skin preventing premature aging.

The most commonly used oil in my practice is bio sesame oil of the highest quality. According to Ayurveda, full body massage with warm sesame oil cleanses the body of toxins and gives the skin radiance and silky smoothness.

I offer various types of massage using warm oil and specific herbs, depending on the dosha, i.e. your constitution and lifestyle.

  • Before the massage *consultations are held where your constitution is determined, the selection of the appropriate procedure and possible contraindications to the massage therapy are taken into consideration.
  • Duration approx. 30 min.
  • Price *30 €

*(special offer valid until March ‘2021)