Winter Getaway


Orange, grapefruit, lemon & pine

This product strengthens the intention of bringing sweetness into your life and balancing male & female side.

To help the intention to work put your focus on it while taking a shower or a bath.

Created with intentions

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This Manao Bath Salt is perfect for a bath to give your body nurturing care. Add to your bathtub or by placing it at the base of your shower for a refreshing experience. Or use it for soaking your feet.

Come to the winter land of citrus explosion with grounding smell of forest pine.

Lemon has properties of purifying, orange brings freshness, sweetness and energy. Together with grapefruit and tangerine they create a citruss explosion that helps you to keep your energy high. With a hint of grounding pine brings you to the moments of winter holidays.

Himalayan salt lowers blood pressure, detoxifies and helps with joint pain. Sea salt  facilitates exfoliation of dead skin and works very well as a cellulite treatment while epsom salt relaxes the muscles and soothes irritated skin.

Every Manao product is made with  intention and before being sent to the customer, energy cleansed with crystal bowls (and other instruments) to strengthen the purpose and raise its vibration.

Additional information

Weight 562 g

310 gr


sea & himalayan (phyllosilicates), epsom (magnesium sulphate)

Essential oils

orange, grapefruit, lemon, pine


dried: orange (citrus sinensis), grapefruit (citrus paradisi), lemon (citrus limon)