Peaceful Mind Collection


Rosemary & lavender

These products strengthen the intention of energy cleansing, protection, purification to calm & harmonize.

To help the intention to work put your focus on it while taking a shower or a bath.

Created with intentions

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This Manao collection brings into your daily routine calmness and bliss. Helps to improve good sleep and get ride of anxiety or tensions.
With a support of these products you will reach the harmony and strengthen your health.
Rosemary is a well known for being a stimulant of the nervous system and brain while lavender soothe our mind.

In this set you will find:

Every Manao product is made with  intention and before being sent to the customer, energy cleansed with crystal bowls (and other instruments) to strengthen the purpose and raise its vibration.

Additional information

Weight 1100 g

Peaceful Mind Bath Salt 310 gr,
Peaceful Mind Body Scrub 110 gr,
2x halves medium size Natural Bath Bombs,
Organic Cotton Mash Bag

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