Mint & Rosemary with a common rue herb & hint of citrus

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Mint, rosemary & orange

This product strengthens the intention of bringing the courage, sweetness & energetical purification.

Created with intentions

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This Manao Handmade Natural Bath Bomb turns your bath into a fizzy and relaxing experience.
With a combination of essential oils and organic herbs let yourself to lay under a cozy blanket of the moisturizing organic oil covering your skin.

Add to your bathtub or use it for soaking your feet. You can also place it at the base of your shower for a refreshing experience. .

Each bath bomb comes in a set of 2 halves. This way you can decide how much of it you want to put into your bath.

Every Manao product is made with  intention and before being sent to the customer, energy cleansed with crystal bowls (and other instruments) to strengthen the purpose and raise its vibration.

Each ingredient is ethical, 100% vegan and 100% safe for your body.

Additional information


sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, milk thistle oil (silybum marianum)

Essential oils

mint, rosemary, orange


common rue (ruta graveolens)